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Frequently Asked Questions

• Do I need to re-publish my services offered to keep them active?
No. Your service listing will not expire unless you us the optional expiration date when posting.
• How long do my ads for services offered stay active?
Until you remove them, or the optional expiration date you set has passed.
• Can I have multiple ads in the same category?
Yes, but keep the number small; they should be for different services, or special offers. Repeat Ads will not help your position in the listings, and may annoy other users, making them not want to use your services.
• Can I have the same ad in multiple categories?
Yes, but please limit this to the occurrences where your service is appropriate for multiple categories.
• I signed up, but the system doesn't recognize my info when I try to log in. Why?
You probably have not verified your account. You should receive an email with a link to verify your account. Check your spam or junk folders for the email. If it doesn't arrive within 30 minutes, please email WebMaster to have your account verified. You must email from the address used to sign up.
• I receive a "Bad referrer" message trying to verify my account, or elsewhere on the site. Why?
On a few pages, we test where the request is coming from. If it isn't our site, the "Bad referrer" message appears. Some browsers are not passing back the page address with the request. We are working on a solution to this problem. If this is keeping you from getting verified, please email WebMaster.
• How accurate are the distances?
The distances should be fairly accurate, but they are based only on zip codes at this time.
• Will the distance estimates become more accurate?
In the near future, we plan to offer the option of using your complete address for your location. If the poster and the searcher both do, they will be very accurate.
• How will I know that the distance shown is more exact?
Right now they are not exact, but when they are, there will be some visual difference. Watch for a change.
• Why are there few or no services offered near me?
TheHelpfulNeighbor is still fairly new, and may not have been discovered yet in your area! If you offer a service, feel free to post it in the appropriate category: other people may be looking for your specialty. If you desire a service, please post it in "~Help Wanted~". We truly appreciate your help in growing The Helpful Neighbor Community.