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Privacy Policy

No matter how complicated in legal terminology it becomes, our privacy policy will always be able to be boiled down to a few simple sentences. Your information is just that: YOURS. We will never sell or give away your information. It will only be used as required to provide whatever services you request. If we have to work with a third party, we will make every effort to ensure they respect your personal information as much as we do. The same goes for any information you provide us about other users, for instance if you provide e-mail addresses for another user or users when signing up, we will not collect those to bother those people. We will use them only to determine if they are members to give them proper credit for a referral, and then promptly lose the address.

We hate SPAM as much as you do, and will not add to it or condone it. That being said, if anyone ever uses our service(s) to SPAM or in any other way abuse other Internet users, they will lose their service, with no refunds. It is your responsibility to keep your login information private.

Your use of our site will always be easier if you set your browser to allow cookies. In fact, most sites currently make use of cookies to store basic information. You will be able to navigate or connect to our site as an active user without logging in if you have cookies enabled, but rest assured, you will be required to login to view or change any account or personal information.